Innovative Teacher Grants

Each Fall, the Foundation offers grant opportunities through the Innovative Teaching Grant Program to support inventive classroom practices and support teachers at Smithville Independent School District for a better educational experience for our children. 

In Fall 2017, we awarded seven grants to three campuses for a total of $4,225 towards Innovative Teaching.


Librarian and GT Teacher Elena Schroeder is using funds 
for Expeditionary Learning Trip for her GT students.


Media Specialist Melissa Abbey-Duncan received a grant 
to create 10 Tiny Libraries around the campus, 
in classrooms, the cafeteria, halls, and gym.

Art Teacher Lisa Prihoda is holding Painting Without A Twist
 in her classroom  to teach students about the color wheel 
and how to mix paints.

8th Grade English Teacher Arlene Davenport purchased 
a set of the book "Hope Was Here" by Joan Bauer 
to use in the TigersRead! schoolwide program.


Agriculture Science Teacher Lance Hanson is using the funds 
to supplement another grant so that his Agricultural Practicum 
students  and Agricultural Equipment Design & Fabrication 
students can learn how to build a CNC Multipurpose Table, 
which will then be given to the Building Trades program
 for their hands-on classwork.

English I Teacher Jennifer Edwards is using the funds to buy books 
that she can use with her Tiger Time intervention students 
to increase reading fluency, comprehension by introducing them 
to interesting novels.

Culinary Arts Teacher Rebekah Herrick is getting dishes
 for the new Culinary Arts Tiger Bistro, which will host 
teacher and staff lunches to give students experience
 on the house side of the restaurant business.

Photos courtesy of Fran Hunter.
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Fran Hunter,
Sep 1, 2017, 10:55 AM
Fran Hunter,
Sep 1, 2017, 10:55 AM