Innovative Teaching Grants

Each Fall, the Smithville Education Foundation (SEF) offers grant opportunities through the Innovative Teaching Grant Program to support inventive classroom practices and support teachers/staff at Smithville Independent School District for a better educational experience for our children. 

Innovative Teaching Grant Application posted for 2020-21 school year. 
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Smithville Education Foundation awarded four grants in 2019 
In the fall, SEF and you supported Innovative Teaching with grants totaling over $4,600

47 Spanish Books for the Elementary Library

Elementary Librarian Schroeder requested funds to obtain 47 Spanish books for the library. She said that the Elementary Library currently only holds 23 Spanish or bilingual resources for students who are transitioning as English learners, but the campus currently serves many more. The additional varied book selection will expand options for student to develop reading fluency providing a broader and more diversified selection of titles, she said.  

Shown in the photo, from left, are Principal Hewitt, SEF President Nancy Towry, Librarian Schroeder, SEF board member Melanie Summarell, and Asst. Supt. Caudill.

Grant total: $913.59

20 Rechargeable Graphic Calculators, two Charging Stations at the Junior High

Math Lab Facilitator Ratliff said that with a growing Junior High student population, their need for graphing calculators has also grown due to the age and condition of the current ones. Now grades 6th through 8th will benefit from working calculators, and the school budget will benefit from having these 20 rechargeable versions plus two charging stations, saving funds on battery costs in the future.

Shown in the photo, from left, are SEF President Nancy Towry, SJHS Principal Dr. Logan, Math Lab Facilitator Ratliff, SEF board member Melanie Summarell, and Asst. Supt. Caudill.

Grant total: $2,825.95

Fifth Grade Teacher Burnham gets grant for triple beam balances for Elementary science lab

5 Triple Beam Balances for the Elementary Science Lab

Fifth Grade Science Teacher Burnham headed the grant process to obtain five triple beam balances for use by both fourth and fifth graders in the shared lab. The balances measure items accurately in science experiments.

The photo shown is one of her, back row center, and her classes, SEF board members Nancy Towry and Melanie Summarell, Asst. Superintendent Caudill, and Principal Hewitt. 

Grant total: $544.85