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Bastrop County character education

Matching 12 Character Traits with 12 months, students and the community learn more about good character regularly with a slogan "Building Good Citizens for Texas"  of the Bastrop County Character Education program.

The program funds provides scholarships to students in public schools around the county and for character programming. Trait of the Month poster sponsorships provide the funding for this program, and the posters are distributed inside the school districts and out in the respective communities.

The non-profit Smithville Education Foundation currently manages the county-wide character trait program.


We currently have five delivery routes around the County for posters which take around 2 hours to deliver once a month (less if it's a 2-person team - one to drive and one to run the poster in to the businesses). 

We welcome volunteers. Students may use this time as volunteer hours for their school organizations and for their college and employment resumes - we will provide a letter upon request.

Keep reading for the Scholarship Application, a list of each Trait and its definition, and a history of the program.

Thank your Trait of the Month Poster Sponsors:  

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Bastrop County Character Education


scholarship application window is CLOSED

This competitive scholarship recognizes exceptional students with excellent character as demonstrated through activities, leadership, and service to others.

The scholarship awards are available to graduating seniors at public high schools* in Bastrop County, Texas who wish to further their education in a college, university, or trade school, etc. Other post high school education may be considered upon agreement of the BCCE Scholarship Committee.

To qualify for the scholarship, the applicant should demonstrate:

●        A personification of the 12 Character Traits of the Bastrop County Character Education program in their daily lives.  Read more about the traits at

●        Active participation in community service or ongoing service which improves the quality of life for others.

*Public High Schools in the school districts of Bastrop ISD, Elgin ISD, McDade ISD, and Smithville ISD in Bastrop County in Texas.

**** Check with your school counselor for the application. ***


Being polite to others in how we speak and act towards them. 


Upholding fair and lawful behavior, and imposing discipline on those who don’t follow the rules. 


Being honest, telling the truth, and taking the right action so that people trust and respect you.


Having confidence in your own self worth with the ability to rely on your strengths. 


Doing the things you are expected to do, and accepting the consequences of your actions. 


Being able to control yourself, to work hard, and to behave without needing anyone else to tell you what to do. 


Caring about others, treating them with kindness, and helping people in need. 


Being honest and following strong ethical values so that people respect and trust you. 


Starting something and continuing to do it until it is complete, despite any obstacles or difficulties along the way. 


Doing what is right, ethical, moral, and respectful. 


Staying firm in your friendships, or supporting a person or a cause. 


Honoring and supporting the United States of America by our words and actions, and encouraging others to do the same. 


The program was established by former school teacher and Bastropian Evelyn Weilert as a way to bring good character training  back into the schools. While traveling around the state to obtain agreements with school districts, Mrs. Weilert also spoke to city councils and county governments to certify them as proponents of the program. In Bastrop County, the cities of Bastrop, Elgin and Smithville and the County of Bastrop are all certified as a City of or County of Character. In time the program, which has the slogan "Building Good Citizens for Texas," was expanded to include everyday citizens in the communities.