Capital Campaign nearing end, donate for tax deductions before Dec. 31

Post date: Dec 1, 2017

Smithville Education Foundation is in the middle of its annual Capital Campaign to raise funds for programs which meet our simple goal... to help teachers inspire greatness in their students. We need your help.

The Smithville Education Foundation (SEF) is a group of dedicated volunteers working to raise money and support the Smithville Independent School District (SISD). SEF is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit foundation organized to augment and complement school district programs and activities.

The SEF Board is honored and humbled to be able to partner with SISD to bring resources to our kids. Each and every time SEF volunteers arrive at the schools, students, teachers, and administrators greet us with miles and excitement. They know they will be getting resources and experiences that they could not have without the support and assistance of the Smithville community. These smiles belong to you, as a contributor to our schools.

Since we began the first programs in 2011, SEF has funded over $25,000 in innovative teaching grants to SISD teachers and has provided nearly $15,000 to support the fine arts through the Enrichment Day program. During the 2016-17 School year, donations to SEF brought ear-to-ear smiles because donations were able to fund two rounds of grants (instead of just one) that provided teachers with the resources they needed to complete nine different projects — SEF was able to fund all of the requests we received.

Since 2016, SEF has also partnered with the Smithville Area Chamber of Commerce to recognize the Top 10%

of our students who graduate from Smithville High School, many of them intending to go on to college. Every school day, SEF programs enrich the experiences children have in our school district. In order to fund these programs, SEF must have the financial support of our community.

Please contribute to our 2017-18 Capital Campaign and help us inspire greatness in our students! With your financial support, you are making a difference by ensuring that SISD students receive the opportunity to do and be their best. Your donation, regardless of the amount, benefits our students and helps them become their best selves.

Please return your completed form, attached below, along with your donation OR donate through PayPal on our Contact Us page.

YOUR SUPPORT MAKES A DIFFERENCE in the lives of our students and teachers every day! Any amount helps us reach this goal and raise a greater next generation. Please do what you can.