Innovative Teaching Grants

To date, Smithville Education Foundation has granted over $37,000 in funding to teachers and staff to help our students. We appreciate all the donors and sponsors who have made this possible. Grants applications are accepted in the fall of each school year, with a Final Report due no later than May 30. More information is on the grant application and in the Final Report.



Smithville Education Foundation (SEF) announced $5,961 in grant funding for seven approved Innovative Teaching Grant projects in the 2022-23 school year. Innovative Teaching Grants support teachers as they bring new classroom practices and equipment into the Smithville Independent School District for extra benefit and inspiration to students.

Since 2015, SEF has granted over $37,000 for better educational experiences for Smithville students. 

SEF president Heather Webb, vice president Cory Kadlecek, and secretary Fran Hunter recognized SISD teachers and their Innovative Teaching Grant projects at the November school board meeting. Treasurer Jill Strube was unable to attend. Each teacher and their project was announced to the board, Superintendent and others attending the meeting, before the teacher discussed their projects and anticipated outcomes with the board.

“Adaptive Furniture” Adaptive furniture to accommodate gross motor skill improvement and sensory needs for the elementary life skills classrooms to reach IEP and physical therapy goals.

“Movement/Sensory Wall/Path in all SES buildings” The projects include adhering sensory/movement paths on the floors and walls of the SES buildings housing grades 1st through 5th to get kids moving and “get the wiggles out” to help students “release, reset, and focus.”

“Magazine Magic” Purchase each 5th grade student a subscription to weekly Scholastic News Magazine, which will be read and used in stations, direct instruction, small groups and individually.

“Lights… Camera… Action!” Purchase a camera and light ring for use by Tiger News Crew students to improve the quality of production in campus video announcements, with training on use of both and instruction in videography, lighting, and production software effects.

“6th Grade ELAR Pre-AP Summer Book Study” 100 Lone Star List books for summer reading by students in the enrichment Pre-AP program with follow-up testing and projects to be displayed.

“Bragging About Our Reading” Brag Tags to attached to 6th-8th grade students’ key rings, lunch boxes or backpack for every Lone Star List or Maverick Reading books they complete as a way to show off their reading accomplishments.

“Painting Without A Twist” Purchases paint, ink, canvas, art brushes to teach students how to properly draw a picture on a canvas, paint the picture using correct brushes as well as mixing paints. This project teaches several lifeskills they will use for painting a room or doing a college project and meets TEKS guidelines for Art 6,7 8.

Congratulations to SISD staff for their initiative in applying for and approval of their Innovative Teaching Grants. We appreciate your enthusiasm to add more to your students’ school experiences. Special thanks also goes to the campus principals and Superintendent Burns for reviewing these grants through the lens of school administrators before passing them on to the SEF board.


SEF’s goal is simple: to help our teachers inspire greatness in their students. SEF accomplishes this goal through this grant program, Enrichment Days, Youth Banner Project, character education through the Bastrop County Character Education Trait of the Month Poster program, Top 10 Percent Graduate Dinner, and ongoing service to SISD.

SEF is a 501c3 nonprofit with an all-volunteer board. Funds for SEF programming are donated by benefactors and through sponsorships of various programs. Those interested in volunteering or have an interest in joining the board are always welcomed.