Open Houses & Presentations

POSTED: Sep 29, 2018

Board members, Nancy Towry, Fran Hunter and Melanie Summarell recently attended the Brown Primary Open House to present information about Smithville Education Foundation's programming and to give parents a chance to find dream volunteer opportunity. If you are a parent or community member and would like to volunteer, please

This is the third time this school year that Nancy has brought out the SEF information and spent time informing teachers, parents and staff about the nonprofit organization and how we help the school district, teachers, staff and students.

Our programs are as follows:

1. Enrichment Programming

2. Youth Banner Project

3. Innovative Teaching Grants

4. Elementary Book Trailers

5. Bastrop County Character Education trait of the month program

6. Top 10% Honors Banquet

If your organization would like information about the Smithville Education Foundation or have us present it for your group, please contact us. We are proud of our programming and would love to share it with you.